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Bright Future For Val And Sal

This is the second time Westbury’s Tiffany Shaw will wear the title of valedictorian. She was also valedictorian of the Westbury Middle School graduating class. “I was excited when I found out,” Shaw said. “I was happy and I felt very blessed.” Shaw was born in Westbury and has attended Westbury schools throughout her … [Read More...]


Top Students Shine

For Carle Place’s Sarah Laga, being named valedictorian was a relief. It was a sign that all the hard work she had put in the last four years had finally paid off. But it wasn’t the highlight of her high school career. “I applied through the Spanish National Honor Society for a trip to Spain and I was one of 24 kids … [Read More...]


Westbury Man Arrested For Murder

After an investigation spanning five months, cops have arrested a Westbury man in connection with the murder of a Jericho gas station attendant back in January. Joshua N. Golson-Orelus, 23, of Westbury, was placed under arrest on June 17 at 8:40 a.m., according to authorities. Golson-Orelus is charged with … [Read More...]


The Switch At Westbury

The Village of Westbury holds its next free concert in the summer concert series Thursday, June 18 at 7 p.m. in the plaza.  … [Read More...]


A Taste Of Portugal In Carle Place

Nestled within the heart of Carle Place, a new restaurant—Lisbon Café, located at 490 Westbury Ave.—is offering local residents a taste of authentic Portuguese continental cuisine, steeped in years of tradition and taste. Jack Pinto, co-owner of Lisbon Café, came to the United States from Portugal in 1986. He’s been … [Read More...]


Student Wins Achievement Award

Itzel Sanchez Emiliano, a seventh grader, from Westbury Middle School recently received a 2015 Nassau All-County Exhibition Achievement Award. Emiliano is a young lady of few words but her art speaks volumes. She would always give the teachers little art works to put up in their classrooms or take home to their children. … [Read More...]


Frogs Then And Now

Carle Place High School Class of 1965 hosts 50-year reunion People often dream of revisiting the glory days of their youth, but few actually get the chance to do it. Carle Place High School’s Class of 1965 did, taking a walk down memory lane at their old school to mark their 50-year reunion. For many, it was as if they … [Read More...]

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