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Ever wonder what it would be like to come face to face with Frankenstein’s monster? Or to be in the middle of the ocean with the fabled giant whale Moby Dick? Westbury author C.A. Pack has and she says this is the inspiration for her latest novel Chronicles: The Library of Illumination, a fantasy novel for young adults.

Carol Pack
Carol Pack

The book takes readers on a journey through some of the world’s most classic tales as the book’s pages are brought to life through the eyes of its two main characters Johanna and Jackson.

Like many writers Pack has a love of reading which she says has only increased since writing her newest novel. “Writing a book about books has made me read more books. I’m hoping it inspires my readers to read more also,” says Pack.

Pack attributes her writing talents to her father who shared her love of writing poetry. Her passion for reading and writing started at an early age. “I wrote my first book in the third grade. I’ve always been a storyteller,” she says.

By the time she was ready to choose her career path she decided on a writing career in Journalism, earning her masters degree from New York Institute of Technology in Communications. She worked for more than 25 years in a variety of capacities, including news writer, anchor and reporter.

As she was busy writing news by day, Pack put her creative writing on hold until she began writing at night. Pack started writing her first book, a spy novel for adults titled Code Name Evangeline on a whim. As the book evolved so did her interest in her chosen genre of thriller.
Her second novel was a sequel to the first titled Evangeline’s Ghost. It was this book that she shifted her genre of choice from regular spy novel, to spy fantasy.


There has been no turning back since she leapt into the fantasy genre. “I love writing fantasy because you can go anywhere with it and really use your imagination,” states Pack.

Being hooked on the fantasy genre released her creative juices in a new way on her third book Chronicles: The Library of Illumination. It began as a short story with two teenagers as the central characters, however as she kept writing, Pack realized there was more than just one short story for her to tell. The completed work is a compilation of four novelettes.

Pack says her latest work is by far the favorite of the three she has written. She describes the fun and adventure she felt writing it with an infectious enthusiasm. “This one was really exciting to write,” she says.

Chronicles: The Library of Illumination is now available in hardcover and for the Kindle. Find out more about Pack at www.carolpack.com

By Domenica Farishian

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