Transportation Issues Are A Social Class Issue


I read your article on [Sept. 16 entitled “Transportation Tumult”]. While this is somewhat true, it is not the only issue plaguing Park Avenue School. My daughter currently attends said school after spending a full academic year at Powells Lane. Let’s call this what it really is—this is clearly a social class issue. The haves must no longer mix with the have-nots. The powers that be believe that children from New Cassel should no longer enjoy the privilege of attending other schools within the village.

It is also stretching the truth to say that there is a system in place to deal with dismissal at Park Avenue School. The principal, teachers and administrative staff are overwhelmed. They are clearly understaffed to handle the mandate that has been handed down or should I say thrown at them. They are doing their best with limited resources. Is it fair that Park Avenue has 900 students, approximately 300 students more than both Powells Lane and Drexel Avenue? This issue does not affect Ms. Lagnado, Mr. Budhai or the board members and their children. It affects the members of the New Cassel community, many of whom speak other languages and understand little English, if any at all. It is the hope that we would be silent and go along with the status quo.

While they sit in their lofty offices and make decisions, they do not take into consideration how it affects the lives of our children. I refuse to sit back and allow the children of New Cassel to be negatively affected by the inability of those in charge to manage, or should I say to effectively manage only to benefit the privileged few.
—Nicole Charles

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