A Call To Action


In a recent Westbury Times ad I stated “We have accepted the diversity” a fact that is merely supported by the wonderful community we live in. Please be clear my message is to the federal, state, county and local law makers who are aware of the fact that our community and minority communities like ours are receiving enrollment growths creating overcrowding in our schools and additional non-funded mandates. It is no secret that the same communities have high unemployment rates. There is also a lack of affordable housing which is causing the overcrowding of our communities and schools. This is my call to action! I am asking that you stay informed and support the people and organizations that are responding to the call for action. Identify those who are willing to lobby for the funding and educational opportunities we deserve.

As the current president of the New York State Caucus of Black School Board Members I have called for an emergency meeting of school board members in Nassau & Suffolk County who are experiencing the same issues of overcrowded schools without additional funding for building facilities or providing very much needed instructional support. Again we will be forced to go to the taxpayers to alleviate this additional financial cost. After reading in the New York Times “Westbury Schools Agree to Alter Enrollment Policies for Immigrants,” March 1, 2016 I decided to take action. Westbury is one of 22 school districts in New York State (if only 22) who have been cited for various enrollment policy failures. Remember this is only one of the many challenges that minority school districts face and I believe by having the discussion we can save other districts from this unnecessary unfunded expense. We must work together to take our concerns to Albany and Washington D.C.

This is not the time to segregate ourselves for political and socio-economic reason. Regardless of your race, religion, color or creed this will result in an additional “tax burden.” We will not have better schools if we do not work together. You do not have to be an elected official, civic leader or school board member to make a difference. Join me as I work to organize the call to action. Please look for additional information on how to get involved. If you do not get a phone call, email, flyer or see the invite on Facebook please feel free to call me at 516-874-1923.

The opinions in this letter are my own, not those of the WUFSD Board of Education.
Karin B. Campbell,
School Board Trustee

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