Quantico Films In Carle Place


If you thought you heard gun shots in Carle Place last week, you were right. But don’t worry, this wasn’t the result of some grisly crime, rather it was the filming of Quantico, which had residential streets of Carle Place turned into a TV set.

Crews descended upon Eighth Street from Monday through Friday last week to film scenes for the popular show’s second season. Among those on set were Priyanka Chopra and Jake McLaughlin, who play the lead characters of Alex Parrish and Ryan Booth, respectively, on the show.

TV crews took over Eighth Street last week to film the ABC show Quantico.

Quantico, which returns from its winter hiatus Monday, Jan. 23 on ABC, stars Chopra as a CIA-agent in training dealing with espionage and deadly conspiracies. For 18-year-old Nicole Buttino, the news that her favorite show would be filming right in her hometown was surreal.

Carle Place’s Nicole Buttino got to meet Quantico star Jake McLaughlin.
Carle Place’s Nicole Buttino got to meet Quantico star Jake McLaughlin.

“It’s a small town, there’s usually not much going on. I’ve been here since 8 a.m. when people were just getting here to set up,” said Buttino, who got the chance to take photos with Booth and some of the other actors. “Watching everything come together and see it when it releases, and say ‘that’s where I’m from, I saw that come together,’ is amazing.”

Carle Place’s Naushin Hossain, said she has been following Chopra’s career since she started in Bollywood movies, and was excitedly watching the show film, waiting for a glimpse of her favorite actress.

“I’ve never had an experience like this before, watching a show come together is so cool,” Hossain said. “I didn’t imagine the amount of people that would be here are here.”

Priyanka Chopra on set.

Several news outlets reported that Chopra did suffer a “minor incident” on set Thursday night, heading to the hospital after hitting her head while performing a stunt. On Jan. 15, she took to Twitter to thank fans for the “warm thoughts and well wishes,” saying, “I will be okay, and am looking forward to getting back to work.”

Location scouts sent a letter to several Eighth Street residents back in December, asking if they’d be interested in their homes potentially being used for the filming. The home that was chosen to be used in the show had minor painting work done inside, and props added to the interior and exterior. Film equipment, such as lights and cameras, were also placed in the garages and on the lawns of several nearby homes. Trailers and equipment trucks could also be seen set up on surrounding streets.

Mary Beth O'Connor visited the set with her two daughters.
Mary Beth O’Connor visited the set with her two daughters.

The cast and crew were notably inviting and accommodating, stopping for photos and answering residents’ questions about the set in between shoots. Mary Beth O’Connor was on the set with her two daughters and said it was a great learning experience.

“[My daughters] think the thrill of Hollywood being in town is very exciting. People have been very friendly,” O’Connor said. “It’s been interesting to be able to go on set and see what a production it is.”

The episode will air Monday, March 27.

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