Public School Budget Vote


Now that May is here and the advent of spring brings sunnier, brighter days, the residents of Long Island know that it is also the advent of something else, the school budget vote. Districts across Long Island have to decide if supporting their local public schools is worth the price.

There is always rhetoric that surrounds this decision; however, to improve the opportunities for students, resources are necessary. Taking away those resources and expecting a higher level of productivity is counterintuitive. Our students deserve the support of their community to reach their full potential. Keeping this in mind at the polls is how the residents of Long Island, in every town, can improve our local communities.

This budget vote should be about the public school children and our community, not about the inexplicable decisions of the board of education and how the community feels about those decisions. If you do not agree with the decisions of the board of education, your obligation is to vote new board members into office, not punish the public school children.
It is our civic responsibility to embrace and support the children of our community. The communities on Long Island have historically been centralized around our public schools because they are the foundation of our communities. It is there our children learn and grow into the replenishing resources of our communities. It is in our public schools that our children grow into the next doctor, entrepreneur, store owner, police officer or computer analyst. The opportunities we provide them are endless. Supporting the budget is supporting the future of Westbury, our community and our children.

On May 16, please remember the public school children, our community and its future.

—Westbury Teachers Association

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