Village Enacts Parking Restrictions


The Village of Westbury addressed resident concerns about safety, approving two local laws prohibiting parking at certain spots throughout the village.

During their village meeting on July 6, the board voted to prohibit parking on the south side of Asbury Avenue from 180 feet west of the intersection of Post Avenue and Asbury Avenue, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

“We have received numerous complaints from residents on Asbury Avenue, that employees of the professional building on Post Avenue were using that streetside curb for parking throughout the day, making it difficult for residents of homes on Asbury to park,” said Mayor Peter Cavallaro.

The board received a petition from seven homes on the southside of Asbury, who requested action be taken to restrict parking. Deputy mayor Joan Boes, who lives on Asbury, said many attempts were made to solve the parking issue with the building owner, but nothing was ever accomplished.

“The residents said they cannot come out of their driveways or park in front of their homes,” said Boes. “This was a fair solution to the problem. We’re not forbidding it on weekends or holidays or all day, just those hours.”

The second hearing involved prohibiting parking and stopping along the north side of Baldwin Drive, from the intersection of Eastfield Road to a point approximately 275 feet east of Eastfield. The law was proposed due to a blind curve and parents stopping to drop off and pick up their kids at a daycare located at 815 Baldwin Dr.

“There’s frequent stopping for parking, which causes a narrowing of the road,” Cavallaro said. “There’s an increased risk of traffic hazard and incident.”

Trustee Beaumont Jefferson said he drives that street twice a day and noted he thought parking should be restricted on both sides of the street. He said he was aware of at least two recent accidents in the area, but Claudine Blackwood, who lives across the street at 816 Baldwin Dr., said she has seen multiple.

“I’ve had cars end up on my driveway or in my trees,” Blackwood said. “I don’t care if she has a daycare but you have to think about the kids, you have to think about your neighbors.”

The board voted to approve the parking restriction, as well as do further evaluation to see if there was a need for additional restrictions or signage letting drivers know about the curve in the road.

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Betsy Abraham is senior managing editor at Anton Media Group and editor of The Westbury Times and Massapequa Observer. She also writes for Long Island Weekly.

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