Turning The Pages Of History

From left: Ray Muntz, Harold Kovarik, Richard Wilkins, Nancy Walordy, Denise Parillo, Judy Gerrard, Susan Kovarik, Edna Harpaul, Frances Smith and Jo Marino

The Historical Society of the Westburys recently interviewed retired Westbury library director William Lollis and founding member of the historical society, Richard Gachot. They discussed the history of the Westbury Memorial Public Library from its beginning in 1903 at St. Brigid’s Parish House, 1920 at the Westbury Neighborhood House, 1947 at the Westbury War Memorial Community Center, 1961 at its present location and expansion in 1994. Also covered were the history of the Children’s Library, Robert Bacon Memorial and founding and history of the historical society and its collection.

The Historical Society also recently hosted its holiday party where members and guests enjoyed refreshments and good conversations.

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