Rushmore Looks For The Good

The kickoff assembly for the Look for the Good Project at Rushmore.

As part of its ongoing lessons in character education, Rushmore Avenue School in the Carle Place School District is participating in the Look for the Good Project, a two-week campaign based on teaching the importance of gratitude. Under the guidance of advisers Julie Santoro and Elizabeth Cottell, the Student Council is assisting in the program, which includes three main components: Gratitude Spots, a Gratitude Wall and Kindness Cards.

As part of Gratitude Spots, students are encouraged to share something they are thankful for when they step on any of the orange “spots” placed in the hallway; as part of the Gratitude Wall, students each morning are tasked with writing down their appreciation on sticky notes that are displayed in the breezeway; and as part of Kindness Cards, students and teachers are distributing orange cards with the words “you matter” on them any time they see the good in someone, and are encouraged to explain why that someone matters.

Rushmore hosted a schoolwide kickoff assembly prior to the program to teach students about how the components work and about the value of gratitude and compassion.

—Submitted by the Carle Place School District

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