Westbury, Carle Place Budgets Pass


The Westbury School District budget passed yesterday, with 1062 yes votes and 461 no votes. Voters also passed the bond, with 1016 yes votes and 463 no votes.

Winning the board of education seats were Michelle Wilson (742 votes) and incumbent Pless Dickerson (727 votes). Mateo Flores had 693 votes, John Simpkins had 671 and Karin Campbell had 250. There were no write-ins.

In Carle Place, 580 people voted to approve the budget, with 146 voting no. Voters also passed the creation of a new repair reserve (575 yes, 138 no), a capital reserve fund 2 expenditure (585 yes, 131 no) and capital reserve fund 3 expenditure (572 yes, 136 no). Elected to the board were incumbent Joseph LoCurto (506 votes) and newcomer Neal McLaughlin (448 votes), as well as Anthony Bulzomi (423 votes) who will finish Barry Dennis’ unexpired term.

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