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Alumni Honored At Homecoming

In the midst of the parade, football game, and other Homecoming festivities this weekend, there’s one tradition that is honoring the legacies of two local heroes. The Westbury School District and Village of Westbury will honor Irving Eannaccone, Ph.D. and Ernest J. Strada with the J. Alfred Cannon Alumni of Distinction Award.

This is the second year the award has been given. The inaugural award was dedicated to and named after the late J. Alfred Cannon, a renowned physician who dedicated his life to community service. He graduated Westbury High School in 1946.

Strada and Eannaccone will be honored this Saturday, Nov. 1, in the Westbury High School Lobby at 9 a.m. “To get this award is truly so overwhelming. I don’t think I deserve it. I’m very humbled,” says Eannaccone. “I feel like I’ve lived a normal life and tried to help people, so I think this is a wonderful award.” [Read more...]

Bravery Above And Beyond The Job

It was just a regular day for Westbury School District Security Guard Tony Hollie. He was driving near the high school on his 15-minute break when he noticed a young woman struggling in the back of a car. Then Hollie saw the driver of the car run two stop signs. When the driver stopped for traffic at a third one, the girl jumped out of the car and hit the ground in front of Hollie’s truck.

“I jumped out to assist her, and then the guy jumped out to recapture her. We had a conversation and then he didn’t want any part of that, so he got in his vehicle and she got back in the car with him,” Hollie says. “I called my superiors and we called the police.” [Read more...]

Fun Run Unites Carle Place

This past Saturday, the Carle Place community came out to celebrate one of the most deep-rooted traditions in town — the 34th Annual Fun Run put on by the Carle Place Civic Association. The Association uses the Fun Run as it’s only major fundraiser for the year, which allows them to give scholarships and put on other programs.

“It’s no easy task,” said John Hommel, president of the Carle Place Civic Association. “Our vice president, Christine Imrie, spends a lot of time coordinating everything from t-shirts and logos to sponsorships.” [Read more...]

Community Hero Honored

Ivan Johnson remembers his older brother Marvin as hardworking, inspirational and fun loving. But the most notable quality about Marvin, who passed away unexpectedly this past May at age 48 after a three- week battle with pneumonia, was his love for the community. 

“He was so active in the community. He always threw parties. He was the go-to guy when there was an event in the community, whether it was someone coming home from serving active duty or graduating high school,” says Johnson. “He was so involved with different causes in the community and if you needed his help, he would do it. He always stepped it up for the community, and for New Cassel in particular.” [Read more...]

Unlocking The Mind With Art

Robert Ferguson, a scholar turned artist, identifies more with Freud than with Van Gogh. He is a self taught painter who worked as a clinical psychologist for more than 20 years and holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology from The Pratt Institute.

He graduated from Adelphi University in 1990, where he studied art therapy.

“It uses art to unlock the unconscious process,” says Ferguson. “That was very useful for me. I stayed in that for many years. Art was always in the background for me and as clinical psychology started to change, I became dissatisfied.” [Read more...]

Lotto Underway For New Homes

Fifteen New Cassel homes are up for grabs through the new North Hempstead Workforce Housing Program. 

The town, North Hempstead Community Development Agency (CDA) and Nassau County, along with the Long Island Housing Partnership, Inc. will be holding a home ownership lottery for the new initiative, which consists of 15 homes in New Cassel for homebuyers who meet certain income requirements.

“It’s a very exciting project,” says Dermot Kelly, executive director at the Town of North Hempstead CDA. “The motivation was to get people who care about the area and have a commitment through it through home ownership, and to provide housing for people who want to work and live in an area that’s affordable.” [Read more...]

Schools Keep Watchful Eye On Enterovirus

Despite the national media attention about Ebola in recent weeks, there is one virus that is actually affecting Long Islanders—enterovirus D68 (EV-D68). One of the first cases was identified in North Hempstead on Sept. 18 and a recent case on Oct. 15 in Suffolk County, led school officials to close the school as a health precaution. 



Dr. Charles Schleien, chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at Cohen Children’s Medical Center, said that although the enterovirus is still active, cases are dwindling on Long Island. According to Schleien, approximately 500 cases have been reported this season of enterovirus, at Cohen’s Children Medical Center, with two to six patients being admitted per day.

“It’s [enterovirus] typically mild and parents should treat it like they would any other cold or viral infection in their child,” said Schleien. [Read more...]

Startup Keeps Discount Savings On Long Island

The founders of the popular Facebook group “Massapequa Moms,” a ‘virtual living room with 6,700 people,’ are leveraging their social media power to create a new discount loyalty card good all over Long Island—including, they hope, in Westbury.

With a hugely popular Facebook community, co-founders Dawn Boyle Kostakis and Stephanie Hartman wanted to “figure out a way that we could help the consumer and the business owner at the same time; keeping commerce going, keeping it all local and having the people get a little bang for their buck,” said Kostakis. [Read more...]

Painting Cures The Pain For Artist

They say music soothes the soul, but for Westbury artist Barbara Lewin, it is painting that uplifts her spirits, and as she explains, it is literally just what the doctor ordered.

“My doctor knew that I was an artist and for physical and mental therapy he told me to paint,” says Lewin. [Read more...]

Small Business Seminar

Legislators  Siela A. Bynoe, Kevan Abraham and Carrie Solages will be hosting small business empowerment seminars to help empower and engage new and small local business owners. While all are invited to the seminars, minority, women and first generation American entrepreneurs are encouraged to attend with enthusiasm.

The seminars take place Oct. 22, 29 and Nov. 5 from 6 to 8:30 p.m at 1550 Franklin Ave. (Room 136) in Mineola.  [Read more...]