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Parking A Premium At LIRR Stations

Commuting to work via the Long Island Rail Road is exasperating and expensive—add on the stress of parking and the threat of tickets and it becomes madness.

At the Westbury train station, there are 637 spaces spread over two lots. The lot on the north side of the station is owned by the village (325 spots) and the one on the south side (312 spots) is owned by the MTA/LIRR and leased out to a private operator, according to village of Westbury mayor Peter Cavallaro. There are also approximately 50 additional curbside metered spaces around the lots that commuters can use with their village permits.Village residents can get a yearly parking permit for $65; for non-residents it’s $300. Parking in the privately owned lot costs $3 a day. [Read more...]

Capturing Your Family’s Favorite Moments

If you have laundry everywhere and dishes piled up in the sink, don’t worry about cleaning it up for Max Grey. The Carle Place photographer loves capturing people in their natural environments, just as they are.

“People always want the perfect portrait, but outside of photography what they cherish most are those crazy moments,” Grey said.

Grey is the mind behind Grace Photography, which opened up a new studio at 351 Westbury Ave. in Carle Place at the beginning of November. But you’ll rarely find Grey shooting in her studio; her passion is in-home photography. [Read more...]

Westbury VFW Post Rededicated

Veterans Day is a day to remember all veterans have done, and thank them for their service. So it seemed only fitting that this year, the Village of Westbury celebrated the day by making sure generations to come would be able to remember what countless men and women have sacrificed for this country, by rededicating the local VFW post as a historical collection.

Village of Westbury mayor Peter Cavallaro, Nassau County clerk Maureen O’Connell, village board trustee Steve Corte, Marion Pascarella and Nassau County legislator Laura Schaefer with the newly unveiled sign.  (Photo by Ray Muntz)

Village of Westbury mayor Peter Cavallaro, Nassau County clerk Maureen O’Connell, village board trustee Steve Corte, Marion Pascarella and Nassau County legislator Laura Schaefer with the newly unveiled sign. (Photo by Ray Muntz)

On Nov. 11, a ceremony was held to rededicate Corporal James Walsh VFW Post #945 as the Westbury Military Historical Collection. The building, located at 406 Maple Ave., houses two-floors of authentic war memorabilia and artifacts, including Purple Heart medals and uniforms. One of the most valuable treasures in the building is a glass-encased plywood list featuring approximately 2,200 names of servicemen from Westbury, New Cassel, Carle Place and Old Westbury who served during World War II. [Read more...]

Drumline Beats Path To Victory

Next to an enthusiastic cheerleading squad, nothing can help give a high school football team the much-needed edge on the gridiron quite like an expertly-coordinated drumline team pounding out the beats to a crushing victory. With that being the case, it comes as a bit of a surprise that the Carle Place School District has been lacking a drumline of any sort…until now, that is.

Kevin Kavanagh has spent his entire 21-year teaching career at Carle Place Middle and High School, where he serves as band director. He notes that the district had a “casual” drumline several years ago, but a lack of cohesion and focus soon saw that effort dissipate after only a small handful of performances.

However, chairperson Joni Russo, knowing of Kavanagh’s talents as a percussionist, came to him and suggested that he use those talents in assembling and training a true, official drumline dedicated to supporting the school’s efforts on the football field. [Read more...]

Grants Provide Relief For Bathrooms

The Westbury Memorial Public Library is outfitted with all the latest technologies and modern amenities—iPads, motion sensor lights, quiet rooms—however, there was one important part of the building that was severely lacking—the bathrooms. 

The bathrooms at the Westbury Memorial Public Library are now getting a much needed renovation, a project Library Director Cathleen Merenda says has been a long time coming. [Read more...]

Local Boxers Duke It Out

In the year it’s been open, the Space at Westbury has been host to musicians, comedians, dancers and on Nov. 13, the venue will open its doors for world class boxers and their loyal fans.

Winner Takes All Productions and Greg Cohen Promotions are bringing a night of boxing to the Space on Thursday, Nov. 13. While boxing events have come to Long Island before, this will be the first of its kind to come to the Space.

“We chose the Space because we believe it is a beautiful venue that is perfect for a great boxing event. Boxing fans will enjoy this refurbished and updated theater and the boxers will love being part of a show held there,” said David Shuster from Winner Take All Productions. [Read more...]

Teen Author Helps Peers Go Into The Abyss

High school students wondering how they will be able to survive that dreaded junior year are getting first hand advice from a newly published author, and he is one of their own.

Dave Lacroix, a Westbury High School senior, wrote his book, Into the Abyss: The Eleventh Grade Experience last year when he was just 16-years-old and a junior himself.

He first dreamed of writing the book the summer before his junior year after hearing so many of his upper classmen talk about the importance, challenges and stress of junior year.

“I wanted to leave my mark on the school and guide my fellow peers,” explained Lacroix. “I wrote it so people would know Dave cared, Dave helped me.” [Read more...]

Rain Doesn’t Dampen Dragon Spirit

All day rain on Saturday, Nov. 1, moved Westbury’s Homecoming parade inside, but the atmosphere was still lively and festive as students, teachers, staff and community members crowded inside the high school gym to show off their Dragon pride. Several groups performed for the packed house, including the high school and middle school marching bands, cheerleaders and high school flag team. [Read more...]

A Plum Tree For Joseph Cascio

People remember Joseph Cascio for many things—his outgoing personality, the love he had for his wife and four kids, the motivational talks he would share at the beginning of every meeting of the Carle Place Senior Center. And though he passed away in April, Cascio will not be forgotten; generations to come will get a glimpse into Cascio’s legacy every time they see the purple plum tree planted in his honor at the entrance of Charles J. Fuschillo Park in Carle Place. [Read more...]

The Man Behind The Lens

When Claire Kelly was 8 years old, she became one of the first girls in Westbury to join the Little League team. The addition of girls to the all-boys team was a huge deal; not everyone was ecstatic about the change and Kelly received several negative comments about her participation. The Westbury Times included coverage of the team, coverage that included photos by Alphonse “Al” Posillico.

Al Posillico

Al Posillico

“He made me such a celebrity in the newspaper, and that made it easier,” says Kelly. “It really helped people accept that I was a good baseball player and that it was a good thing to have a girl playing baseball. For an 8-year-old, that made a really big difference. Through his pictures, he said it was okay, let this little girl play.”

As the official photographer for The Westbury Times, Village of Westbury, the Westbury Fire Department, as well as numerous local societies and organizations, Posillico captured the moments that made the everyday lives of residents special for over 30 years. He passed away Oct. 30 at age 87, after a four year battle with cancer. [Read more...]