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Dirty Legal Tricks By OTB

By Village Justice, Tom Liotti

Experienced lawyers know that in all litigation there are plots and sub-plots. Going to law school and passing the Bar does not give you the intimate knowledge of our justice system and the players within it or the special interests hovering nearby. In the midst of a public controversy such as the casino, there are forces for good and evil everywhere. The solution to the problem is not played out on a single stage. [Read more…]

Law Day 2015

By Tom Liotti 

Every Sept. 17 for the past six years we have celebrated Constitution Day in our Village Court by inviting the community to hear distinguished speakers on some aspect of the Constitution. We will do it again this year but before that we have something special planned—The second annual Honorable John L. Molloy and Honorable Frank J. Santagata Law Day Program on April 30 at 7 p.m. in the Village Hall and Courtroom. Last year we honored the lawyers from Westbury with special mention of our principal speaker, Lawrence Boes, Esq.. This year our plan is to honor Dwight Kraemer, our former Village Attorney and prosecutor. In addition, this year’s Law Day Program will have a theme: Lawyers And Their Community. [Read more…]

The Truth About The Common Core Learning Standards

It’s no secret that the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) have received lackluster reviews nationwide. However, Common Core Learning Standards have been adopted to help students become the best thinkers and problem solvers they can be, along with preparing all students in America for college and career-readiness and to equip them to be competitive in our global society. The math standards are specifically designed toward greater focus and coherence while the English Language Arts standards are designed as an integrated model where literacy is taught across the content areas. [Read more…]

Leadership At Its Best

 While Newsday’s article (“OTB Relents on Casino,” Feb. 1, 2015) is accurate, it overlooked how Westbury Mayor Peter Cavallaro led the fight to stop the placement of a casino at the abandoned Fortunoff site.  Not only did he bring 45 multi-jurisdictional elected officials together to work in a bipartisan manner to achieve this historic victory, he worked tirelessly each day offering his advice to civic groups to ensure that support for our cause in the surrounding communities would escalate.  [Read more…]

Westbury BOE Opposes Casino

The following letter was addressed to Joseph Cairo, president of the Nassau County OTB. A copy has been reprinted here.

On behalf of our many officials and residents of the Westbury School District community, we are opposed to both the selection and site of the proposed Nassau County OTB Casino on the former site of the Fortunoff Store at 1504 Old Country Road, Westbury, New York. [Read more…]

We Didn’t Ask To Become A Hub

I have lived in the Salisbury area of Westbury for 46 years and each year the traffic has gotten worse than the previous year. That said, the idea of a casino at the old Fortunoff building is the worst idea yet for the empty Fortunoff’s store and will greatly affect Nassau residents. Casinos may look like a quick fix for the NYS OTB fiscal bottom line but it will end up costing Nassau county and the residents of Carle Place, Westbury and Garden City more than anyone can imagine—not just in inconvenience but monetarily as well. We will all pay dearly for their decision (made without consulting residents around the site). The reasons were clearly delineated in the Jan. 7 article [“Residents Outraged Over Casino”] and I agree with all the sentiments expressed. [Read more…]

Dirty Deal

First Nassau County OTB witnesses the opening of the Meadowbrook Pointe community, the two Avalon rental communities, the newly opened Westbury Gallery shops and the now under construction, soon to be opened, Lifetime Fitness luxury gym, all elevating the neighborhood formerly occupised by the Roosevelt Racetrack, all of which are, or will be paying taxes to Nassau County and the Town of Hempstead. [Read more…]

OTB Mailer Address FAQ’s

Westbury and Carle Place residents received a mailer from Nassau County OTB on Jan. 13, addressing several concerns about the video lottery terminals poised to come to the former Fortunoff’s at the Source Mall. Below is a copy of the letter. 

Dear Resident,

There have been many questions raised about the proposed video lottery terminals (VLT) at the former Fortunoff site and a great deal of misinformation has circulated.
In order to present the facts, Nassau Regional Off Track Betting (NROTB) has prepared this mailing, which includes frequently asked questions and answers. We hope you will take a few moments to review this information. The New York State Gaming Commission, as established by law, is the sole agency with responsibility for providing oversight and approval of the proposed VLT facility. [Read more…]

Casino to The Rescue? Some Residents Say No Thanks

The news that Nassau Off Track Betting Corporation (OTB) has decided to go ahead in approving the vacant Fortunoff department store as the site for its slot style casino came as music to some people’s ears, and a disgusting and annoying noise to others. News of the corporation’s intent first came to some area residents’ attention via an email blast in mid-December from the office of Mayor Cavallaro, who also advised that it was his understanding that other areas in the county were also under consideration. However, we have since learned of the tremendous push back from residents of Plainview and Elmont/Belmont Park, (two of the proposed areas) voicing strong opposition to such plans, and no doubt played a role in the selection of Westbury as the path of least resistance. [Read more…]

Mario Cuomo and Westbury

 Thomas F. Liotti, Westbury Village Justice 

Much has been written about our beloved three-term Governor since his untimely death on New Year’s Day at the unripened age of 82. A sadness over his passing has gripped New York and much of the nation much as it was felt at the demises of F.D.R. and J.F.K..  Mario uplifted the Italian community, the nation and the world with progressive ideas, integrity, unrivaled intellect, courage and eloquence.  He was in essence a profound father figure to all; a model public servant. [Read more…]