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No Future For College Grads

What is the “meaningful degree” a young person can get in college? Unstated in the article, “The Future of Higher Education in America,” (Jan. 20-26, 2016 edition of The Westbury Times), Secretary of Education Arne Duncan misses a vital point. No college degree can compete with corporations and businesses that choose to hire their professionals from other countries and bring them here to work. Why? Then they can give them lower wages and offer them little or nothing in perks, such as health coverage, etc.
Today’s college graduates and whatever diploma is achieved cannot compete with the jobs given to those overseas graduates and professionals. Our homegrown young men and women who graduate college have no future when businesses employ these tactics. For them, it’s all about profits. Therefore, our college graduates have no”meaningful diplomas,”and little chance to work at the jobs they deserve.

—Elaine Peters

Taxpayers Deserve Responsibility

By Village Mayor Peter Cavallaro 

Last fall, the village board met with Westbury School Superintendent Mary Lagnado and several members of the Westbury School Board, regarding their $173 million bond proposal. The proposal would fund the construction of a new middle school and certain other long overdue repairs to school buildings. Due to the public’s initial concerns regarding the unreasonable and excessive cost of the proposal (particularly to residents living in the villages of Westbury and Old Westbury), the school board decided to postpone the scheduled public vote late last year.

The school district certainly has legitimate issues and needs that it needs to address. No one questions that. Yet, the tremendously negative financial impact on district taxpayers speaks for itself, and would be particularly harmful to our young families and seniors living on fixed income. As I have said publicly, in my view, the proposal would have a devastating impact on the long-term economic future of Westbury, and in particular the village. So, it is important that the residents of the district be appraised of what the district’s intentions are. [Read more…]

The 800-Pound Gorilla

By Sen. Jack Martins 

Ever since you sent me to Albany five years ago, I’ve often repeated that one of my fundamental goals was to help restore the faith of everyday New Yorkers in state government. While this may be less concrete than some of my other, more specific policy goals, I maintain that it is the core, the foundation if you will, for all our other work. You see, nothing undermines the American spirit more surely than corruption in government.

While I know all too well that it’s impossible to earn perfect consensus among my constituents, I am committed to encouraging conversations, no matter how difficult or uncomfortable they may make people. In that light, I want to tell you about a couple of pieces of legislation that I’ve long supported but that have been continuously swept under the rug by those who’d rather see them disappear. [Read more…]

Endorsement For Cuomo’s Vision For Long Island

I attended Governor Cuomo’s speech to the Long Island Association, where he laid out his vision for transforming Long Island’s infrastructure and economy. His vision includes the 9.8-mile Third Track from Floral Park to Hicksville, a possible tunnel under the [Long Island] Sound, and enhancements to regional airports including international flights to MacArthur Airport, as well as investing in the research institutions and the innovative economy that are essential to a better future for the region. [Read more…]

2016: Not Off To A Good Start

Shooting the Breeze –Fred Moreno


I admit that my trying something different this past New Years Eve was a complete failure. Year after year my wife Joann and I watch Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve and have to endure “Silent Night” being rapped. Then we scoff down two trays of franks-in-a-blanket, take eight Tums and are in bed by 12:02. “Well this year, it’s going to be different,” I said.

So I made reservations at one of these catering halls that had a fountain in the lobby and a wishing well in the men’s room. I even convinced our neighbors Ray and Mary Pat to join us. It was “only” $100 a person and it included unlimited franks-in-a-blanket. The bad news was that the place was in Staten Island. We had to leave at 3:30 p.m. to get there by the 8:00 cocktail hour –and thanks to the Belt Parkway, we just made it. [Read more…]

Fighting Illegal Housing Must Be A Team Effort

By Village Justice, Tom Liotti

Notwithstanding all of the hyperbolic rhetoric among Presidential candidates, we have real problems at home impacting directly on our schools, village and limited tax base. These vexing problems have become so severe that more drastic solutions must be found consistent with the civil rights of all and the preservation of the residential character of our community. [Read more…]

Happy Holidays From Mayor Cavallaro

By Village of Westbury Mayor Peter Cavallaro

I want to take this opportunity to wish each and every Westbury resident a very joyous and holy holiday season, and a happy and healthy 2016.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah (just passed), Kwanzaa, or are of any other faith or tradition, the holidays are a time to reflect on the many blessings that we enjoy, so let us all take some time to be thankful for our many blessings. [Read more…]

My Gift To My Mother-in-Law

By Fred Moreno

Unlike many of my friends who periodically experience WWIII with their mother-in-laws, I love the mother of my bride. My mother-in-law has always treated me like her fourth son…wait a second, she only has two sons. Anyway, I know she likes me. Lately, I’ve been getting guilty feelings because I never demonstrated to her how much I really care. I wanted to do that before another holiday season has passed.

My wife was already in tears when I told her a little bit of my plan to make my feelings known to her mom. I didn’t even tell her all the details and she had already commuted my sentence that she imposed as a result of a prior infraction. Now I only have to sleep on the downstairs couch for two more weeks until I’m completely free. [Read more…]

Westbury School Mentoring

As a Westbury resident and architect I have been presenting at career day at the Powells Lane School for almost 15 years. Invariably students ask me about salary and I explain that it’s directly related to how much one cares about themselves and others. I go on to give concrete examples of how caring affects opportunity and the students are consistently captivated. According to teachers and faculty, this program has become a big success. [Read more…]

Move Election Day To Halloween

By Tom Liotti, Village Justice 

Election Day has become so scary that it should be moved to Halloween. On every Election Day for the past many years I have had feelings of reverse peristalsis so much so that I must purge both before and after voting. I force myself to the ballot box knowing that I reside in the highest taxed county in the nation and that our jails are overcrowded mostly due to the crooked politicians being sent there.

The public knows almost nothing about the candidates for whom they are voting. The candidates spend millions on signs and television ads which they plaster everywhere but spend almost nothing on defining issues. They want to keep it that way. Handsome or pretty faces like Dorian Gray take precedence over actual records. Honesty is measured by smiles, handshakes and who has the best commercials. Like Count Dracula, their phony ads come out at night. [Read more…]