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Carle Place Names Top Students

Carle Place High School recently named Sarah Laga and Thomas Monahan as valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively, for the graduating Class of 2015. With 13 years of excellence under their belt, these students have consistently exhibited strong academic rigor, as well as leadership at all levels.  [Read more…]

Parents Fight Testing

Discussions of Common Core, teacher evaluations and opting out of state tests have been prevalent the last few months. For several Carle Place residents, those conversations moved into action last week with a rally outside Sen. Jack Martins’ Mineola office. Parents, educators and local residents gathered outside his office in Mineola to protest his approval of the state budget—which they feel contains several unfair education reforms—as well as to voice their disdain for Common Core tests.

“He was completely against high stakes testing and the unfair evaluation process [at a forum last year]. And now with his ‘yes’ vote, he went against everything he stood for,” Carle Place mom Andrea Bergin said. “A lot of parents and teachers feel like he betrayed us and let us down.”

Parents rallied outside Sen. Martins' office in Mineola

Parents rallied outside Sen. Martins’ office in Mineola

“His vote left the evaluation process in the hands of the New York State Education Department (SED) and the board of regents. We need Sen. Martins to petition them and tell them we need fair evaluations,” Bergin continued. “Fifty percent of the teacher’s score can’t be based on student tests. If it is, all these children are going to learn is how to take a test.” [Read more…]

Carle Place Named Top School

Carle Place Middle/High School was named one of the best public high schools in New York state recently by Niche Inc. 

The school came in 71 out of 100 schools. The district was ranked on academics, health and safety, student culture and diversity, teachers, resources and facilities, extracurriculars and activities, and sports and fitness. [Read more…]

Students Impress At MagLev Contest

Westbury Middle School students got to look to the future of transportation by participating in Brookhaven National Laboratories’ MagLev Contest at the Cradle of Aviation on March 26. This was Westbury’s first time participating in the contest, and they made quite a name for themselves, taking home three medals.

The contest called on students from all over Long Island to develop “MagLev” vehicles, which float over a fixed track, supported and driven by magnetic fields. Students used math, science and technology to come up with the design of their car, and competed in five categories. The vehicles were judged on several factors, including speed, cost and how many “passengers” (which were represented by pennies) the vehicle could hold. [Read more…]

Baseball Eyes County Spot

The sound of the ball hitting the gloves and the crack of the bat are finally here. While the season has just started, the goals are clear for the Carle Place High School Boys Varsity Baseball team.

“Our goals for this season are to win a county championship and to work harder than any other team out there,” said head coach Brian Krummenacker. [Read more…]

Westbury Considers Culinary Arts

Is a culinary arts program in Westbury’s future? At the March 17 Westbury School District board of education meeting, trustees discussed the possibility of adding culinary arts as a CTE (career and technical education) program and heard from Harold Kaplan, who heads up the Educational Training Institute (ETI), which provides vocational training to high school students, as well as helps with internship and job placement.

Kaplan explained ETI’s culinary program, which has already met with success in several other school districts.

“The reason culinary arts works so well is because it’s a very hands-on, visual participatory type of program where students really get excited about what they do….it raises their self-esteem,” Kaplan said. [Read more…]

Track Coach Wins Esteemed Award

When Westbury High School boys’ track coach, Donald Ross, received the news that he’d won the award for Section 8 “Track Coach of the Year,” he was sick with the flu. The longtime coach was surprised at the honor and he needed someone to pick up the award for him at the honorary dinner at the Crest Hollow Country Club.

“I’d already been to the fall awards dinner and to tell you the truth I wasn’t expecting to receive the honor,” said Ross, who has been coaching track and field for 35 years in the district. “I had a bug at the time and a couple of the other coaches picked up the award for me. But I’m very appreciative to earn this distinction.” [Read more…]

WHS Greases Up

In the auditorium of Westbury High School, a cast of 25 students belted harmonies and shook their stuff in preparation for their spring production of Grease, which debuts this weekend.

This is Westbury music teacher Nadine Schalk’s second year as director for the school musical.
She said the idea to do Grease came from the pre-auditions.

“There was a big interest in Grease, as a lot of kids brought various songs from the movie to audition,” Schalk said.
She also noted that many of the songs from the movie were not licensed for the school-version of Grease, and additional licensing was required. “We’ve added a few extra songs from the movie: ‘Hopelessly Devoted,’ ‘You’re One That I Want,’ and ‘Grease is the Word.’” [Read more…]

Locals Enjoy A Night Of Delights

It was a happy scene at the Carle Place Fire House last Thursday, March 12 as the Rushmore Avenue PTA held their first ever Night of Delights[Read more…]

Hundreds Rally For Education

Hundreds of educators, parents and students from all over Long Island gathered at Westbury High School March 12 to fight for public education.

The crowd, which spilled from the Westbury High School auditorium into the gymnasium, rallied against what they called Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “anti-public education propaganda.” [Read more…]