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Town, Village Team Up To Fight Illegal Housing

The Village of Westbury and the Town of North Hempstead have partnered to help fight illegal housing in New Cassel and Westbury. The joint agreement, titled “Halt Illegal Housing” was introduced by Village of Westbury Mayor Peter Cavallaro, in conjunction with North Hempstead Town Supervisor Judi Bosworth and Town Councilwoman Viviana Russell during a press conference on March 27.

“This sharing of information will assist both municipalities to successfully locate, cite and prosecute the maximum number of violators,” said Bosworth. “We’ll be sharing our best practices and educating our realtors of their responsibilities under the law and also urging residents to report any problematic conditions or situations that they might observe.” [Read more…]

Egg Hunt Maintains Tradition

The cold could not stop the eager kids and their parents from attending the Village of Westbury’s annual egg hunt, held at the Recreation Center. Parents, volunteers and members of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity watched as the children ran frantically around the facility’s playground, scooping and dropping eggs into their baskets.  [Read more…]

Westbury Considers Culinary Arts

Is a culinary arts program in Westbury’s future? At the March 17 Westbury School District board of education meeting, trustees discussed the possibility of adding culinary arts as a CTE (career and technical education) program and heard from Harold Kaplan, who heads up the Educational Training Institute (ETI), which provides vocational training to high school students, as well as helps with internship and job placement.

Kaplan explained ETI’s culinary program, which has already met with success in several other school districts.

“The reason culinary arts works so well is because it’s a very hands-on, visual participatory type of program where students really get excited about what they do….it raises their self-esteem,” Kaplan said. [Read more…]

Track Coach Wins Esteemed Award

When Westbury High School boys’ track coach, Donald Ross, received the news that he’d won the award for Section 8 “Track Coach of the Year,” he was sick with the flu. The longtime coach was surprised at the honor and he needed someone to pick up the award for him at the honorary dinner at the Crest Hollow Country Club.

“I’d already been to the fall awards dinner and to tell you the truth I wasn’t expecting to receive the honor,” said Ross, who has been coaching track and field for 35 years in the district. “I had a bug at the time and a couple of the other coaches picked up the award for me. But I’m very appreciative to earn this distinction.” [Read more…]

New Terms For Trustees, Justice

The uncontested village elections went off without a hitch last Wednesday, March 18, as trustees Steve Corte and Beaumont Jefferson, along with Village Justice Thomas Liotti, were all sworn in for another term.

Almost 300 village residents voted; and Corte garnered 279 votes, Jefferson had 283, and Liotti won with 219.

“I’m happy that both trustees Corte and Jefferson, as well as Judge Liotti, will be continuing to serve our village,” said village mayor Peter Cavallaro. “Each has a great dedication to the village and the residents. Even though the election was not contested, it is important that residents affirm the things that we are doing to make Westbury better every day.” [Read more…]

WHS Greases Up

In the auditorium of Westbury High School, a cast of 25 students belted harmonies and shook their stuff in preparation for their spring production of Grease, which debuts this weekend.

This is Westbury music teacher Nadine Schalk’s second year as director for the school musical.
She said the idea to do Grease came from the pre-auditions.

“There was a big interest in Grease, as a lot of kids brought various songs from the movie to audition,” Schalk said.
She also noted that many of the songs from the movie were not licensed for the school-version of Grease, and additional licensing was required. “We’ve added a few extra songs from the movie: ‘Hopelessly Devoted,’ ‘You’re One That I Want,’ and ‘Grease is the Word.’” [Read more…]

Junior ROTC Passes Inspection

The Westbury High School junior ROTC students had their annual naval inspection on Wednesday, March 18. Over 150 junior cadets, representing all four grades, performed maneuvers and stood for examination by U.S. Naval Commanding Officer Domitilo Pastorin. On the strength of the JROTC officers and advisors, the company passed the inspection.

The Navy works in conjunction with the high school to fund and operate the junior ROTC program. As a result of the Navy’s involvement, the students must adhere to Navy requirements and guidelines throughout the year and be subject to an annual inspection by Naval personnel. [Read more…]

Get Those Potholes Fixed

Town of North Hempstead highway crews are hard at work repairing potholes on town roads, the result of the harsh winter that created perfect conditions for producing the craters that all drivers love to hate.

This year, the town’s highway department closed 350 pothole requests from residents between Dec. 1, 2014 and March 18, 2015.  In the same period during 2013-2014, 331 requests were closed.

Residents can report these pesky potholes by calling the 311 Call Center or submitting through the Town’s website or the “My North Hempstead” app.  [Read more…]

Tech, Playground Proposed For Library

For the third year in a row, the Westbury Memorial Public Library will be helping local residents save their money by proposing a budget with no tax increases.

The proposed $3.2 million budget is a small decrease from last year and residents are still expected to only pay an average of $284 per household.

“We’re holding the line on costs by being really careful about how we spend money,” said library director Cathleen Merenda.

One of the major cuts in this year’s budget is a $10,000 decrease in the book budget. The board did decide to shift some funds into more electronic books, but Merenda says the library also has a more targeted approach in knowing what the library needs, which has allowed for them to better evaluate where to spend their book dollars. Last year they started using Collection HQ, a database that allows them to evaluate their collections. [Read more…]

Author Goes Bubbles Up

Paul Mila feels as much at home 80 feet under sea level than he does in his Carle Place home. Over the last 16 years, he’s been diving all over the world and he recently took a look back at his exhilarating diving career in his new book, Bubbles Up.

Mila’s first foray into diving happened while on a trip to Cozumel, Mexico with his neighbors. He fell in love with it after his first try.

“I liked the initial lesson in the pool and then we did a beach dive, and then did the boat dive a few miles off shore,” Mila says. “It was clear and warm and there was a ton of sea life. It was mind boggling. I finished the dive and said ‘I have to do this.’” [Read more…]