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Annual 48-hour coding event teaches coding skills

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Individuals and businesses can play a role in supporting the future of our youth by enrolling as a sponsor in the 2019 Code-A-Thon presented by We Connect the Dots (WCTD), a nonprofit organization with a mission to excite, inform and educate students about Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts (Digital Arts), and Math (STEAM) careers.

During this annual free 48-hour event taking place Jan. 25-27 at We Connect The Dots’ facility located at 1025 Old Country Rd. in Westbury, students ages 13 through 18 will be given the opportunity to hone 21st century workforce skills as they learn how to code with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React as well as how to utilize industry platforms to build websites using Github to store projects for portfolio development that they can use when applying for internships, college applications and job interviews.

“Our Code-A-Thon is a mutual win for both students and our community,” says We Connect The Dots founder Laurie Carey. “The knowledge and skills these students learn by participating in this event not only benefit them but will eventually benefit businesses when these same students later enter the workforce. The skills they will learn through participation in the Code-A-Thon are the skills that are in demand today by businesses. This program creates positive outcomes for everyone, and we are seeking support through donations to ensure or success.”

Competing in diverse teams, students will work to explore global issues and create a functional website that offers a solution to a problem. Beyond learning to code, they will learn to work in teams, solve complex problems, cross collaborate, communicate across time zones and cultures, and most importantly meet new friends and have fun while learning.

This year We Connect The Dots has implemented a new tier-based sponsorship system designed to better help individuals and companies make an impact on students through supporting such events as its Code-A-Thon, which are available up until the day of the event. Individuals and businesses interested in sponsoring a location for this year’s Code-A-Thon have the option to select from Code-A-Thon single-site packages or Code-A-Thon multi-site packages that each provide different levels of sponsorship at various price points that offer for a choice range of visibility throughout the event.

For more information visit, email or call 641-468-7475.

—Submitted by We Connect The Dots

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