On A Gray Day, Egg Hunt Adds Color, Fun

The Easter Bunny was the star of the day at the Westbury Recreation Center’s Egg Hunt. (Photo by Ray Muntz)

Westbury Recreation entertains the young

The rains ended and the clouds remained, but a festive air reigned at the Village of Westbury Recreation Center as the village held its annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 13.

Recreation Director Gail Reese and her staff, aided by volunteers and a contingent of the Westbury-based Omega Psi Phi national fraternity, managed to keep rambunctious, excited youngsters in control as kids in four age groups took their turns at the hunt.

There were eight winners, four who found the golden egg and four who guessed closest to the number of jelly beans in a jar.

Presiding over all was a suitably attired Easter Bunny, who naturally was the center of attention.

The winners:

Ages 3-4:

Jelly Beans: Alannah Green

Golden Egg: Alessandro Morales

Ages 5-6:

Jelly Beans: Koul Shivamsh

Golden Egg: Nathan Bosi

Ages 7-8:

Jelly Beans: Antonio Marticornea

Golden Egg: Gia Palumbo

Ages 9-10:

Jelly Beans: Jaslyn Garcia

Golden Egg: Lisette Flores

A total of 126 children participated.

Members of the Omega Psi Phi national fraternity helped out with the egg hunt. Back row, from left: Michael Martin, Bradley Taylor Sr., Gwen Brabham, Eddie O’Neil, Henry L. Mack and Frank Drayton. In front are Isaiah Green, 7, and Sienna Pearson, 8, both students at St. Brigid/Our Lady of Hope Regional School in Westbury. Sienna was accompanied by her grandmother, Raquel Ardila of Westbury. (Photo by Frank Rizzo)
This young lady checks the ground for unclaimed eggs. (Photo by Frank Rizzo)
“Here it is.” Alessandro Morales holds up the golden egg he nabbed in the 3-4 age group. (Photo by Frank Rizzo)
With his bucket overflowing, this young fella naturally wanted to lighten his load. (Photo by Frank Rizzo)
It never gets old–these 9- and 10-year-olds are still excited to engage in the hunt. (Photo by Frank Rizzo)
She realized that someone found the golden egg and is going to investigate. (Photo by Frank Rizzo)
Temporarily stumped, he does not know where to pick up eggs next. (Photo by Frank Rizzo)
Ed O’Neil announces the winner of the 5-6 golden egg, Nathan Bosi. (Photo by Frank Rizzo)
Scarlet Minnick, 8, of Lynbrook, shows off her basket to her aunt, Susan Smetana of Westbury. (Photo by Frank Rizzo)
Before the hunt itself, there were activities to keep the kids busy inside the Westbury Recreation Center. (Photo by Ray Muntz)


The Easter Bunny congratulates Lisette Flores, 10, who attends Drexel Avenue Elementary School in Westbury. Lisette won the 9-10 golden egg and a gift basket. (Frank Rizzo)


Ed O’Neil points to the age 7-8 winner of the golden egg, Gia Palumbo. (Photo by Frank Rizzo)

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