Campaign Touts Westbury Success


Set for Tuesday, March 16, from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

From left, trustees Vincent Abbatiello and William Wise and Mayor Peter Cavallaro will be running unopposed on March 16. Photos were taken in 2019, before the pandemic and mask-wearing guidelines. (Photos by Frank Rizzo)

Village government, it’s often pointed out, is closer to its constituents to any other. It picks up the garbage and plows and resurfaces the streets, trims the tree fronting your property and determines if you can add that extension to your house.

Village of Westbury residents can give their consent to the incumbents when the village holds its elections on Tuesday, March 16.

Mayor Peter Cavallaro and trustees William Wise and Vincent Abbatiello will be running unopposed for four-year terms under the Action Party of Westbury banner.

Cavallaro was first elected in 2009 and is seeking his fourth term. Abbatiello was tabbed to succeed the late Joan Boes in 2018 and won an election in 2019 to complete the last two years of her term. Wise has been in office since 2006.

“Despite COVID restrictions, we were able to safely secure over 500 signatures from fellow Westbury residents to place us on the ballot for the election,” Cavallaro said in a statement. “It is gratifying to us that so many assisted in obtaining the signatures, and that so many signed them.”

He added, “We will be running on our record of accomplishment, and our plan for the future. During the past four years, I and the board have worked very hard to improve the quality of life here in Westbury

Cavallaro touted the village’s fiscal strength, including its high bond ratings from credit agencies, its record of coming in under the state-mandated tax cap in every budget since it came into force, its capital projects and transformative rezoning under the Downtown Revitalization Initiative grant, and its cooperation with the MTA as it built a big parking garage and eliminated the School Street crossing.

“We have plans for the future that will continue to make Westbury one of Long Island’s most attractive communities for seniors, young families and professionals, and anyone else who enjoys living in a diverse, walkable arts-centered community,” Cavallaro stated.

Abbatiello commented, “We have always adhered to conservative and prudent fiscal practices and the efficient delivery of services. We are proud that the village has maintained the lowest tax rate possible. In fact, ours is among the lowest village tax rates of any comparable village, and our bond ratings are the highest in the village’s history. I look forward to serving another term to advance our plans for the future.”

Wise said, “We’ve also worked very hard to control our discretionary spending, and we continually seek operational changes and efficiencies so that we provide village services in the most economical way possible for our taxpayers.”

“We have a great team, and it is important to me that we maintain the team that is responsible for the many positive advances we’ve made the past four years,” Cavallaro concluded.

In an interview with the Westbury Times, Cavallaro said, “It’s important to make sure we remind people why we’re running, what our agenda is and ask for their vote. We’re not taking anything for granted.”

Polling hours will be from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. at the following election districts sites: District 1–Community Center, 360 Post Ave.; District 2–Village Hall, 235 Lincoln Pl.; District 3–Recreation Center, 348 Post Ave. Due to the pandemic, Powells Lane Elementary School will not be used at the District 3 site this year.

For more information visit or call 516-334-1700.

This truck from the Village of Westbury Department of Public Works was photographed at the Piazza Ernesto Strada, where Westbury Arts puts on summer concerts and other village activities take place.

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